Tour Dash

discover Google Business Street with TourDash
visitors click directing on tabs to explore, allowing you to direct them to features like never before... enjoy!




Let's face it, sometimes we just want what we want when we want it. Make it simple for those visitors that know what they are looking for with a simple click-thru tab navigation. Better yet, direct visitors to those areas of your business that you want to promote! 

interactive hot spots

Use your tour as a point of purchase for your business. By adding interactive hot spots throughout you can show your visitor instant information in the form of text, images, or even video. They can even order directly from your tour!

rotation & publish to Facebook

Adding an automatic rotation draws the eye directly to your tour and engages your visitor like never before. Embed it into Facebook to engage your fans, interact like never before!

Google analytics

Get to know your visitors like never before! TourDash uses Google analytics to show you where your customers are going and what they are viewing inside your tour. Notice a highly visited area? Use it to market new products and services!

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